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Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Little Miss Blindfold
Bird Box by Josh Malerman follows Malorie, a pregnant woman, as the world falls to pieces.  People are seeing things that drive them to kill themselves and others.  No one knows what these things might be, but soon everyone is barricaded in their homes, only walking in the open world blindfolded.  It's a gimmicky sounding premise, but stay with me...
Content Warning: Suicide.  Lots of suicide.
Story  ☆★★★★ So, the premise sounds a bit unlikely.  I know that.  I spent a good few pages, once it became clear why people were blindfolded, trying to decide if I could suspend my disbelief.  Things -- creatures -- that drive everyone insane and nobody has survived seeing?  It's a little bit bad post-modern horror film.  But actually, I don't care.  Because this book scared me.  And it's been a long time since that happened.
The story is told alternately in the time when the creatures first started having an effect, and four years later as Malorie tries to …

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